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What is a promise ring?

We've all heard of the engagement Rings For Couples, but what is the trend of couples that is emerging known as the "promise ring"? This ring is an indication of the love, commitment and connection before the engagement. You might be thinking that this ring has the exact same meaning as an engagement ring?

It's true, but some couples aren't ready for the "real thing" or don't feel the need to label their relationship. A lot of couples still feel the need to make promises to each other and show that they are more than just on a date. Furthermore, with a vow ring, there's not any pressure to get married.

Why are these rings so popular?

"We have a wonderful and fun time together, but we don't have the motivation to get married."

You'll hear this adage more and more, as it is cited more often. According to the Central Statistics Office (CBS) there are fewer and fewer couples who are getting married. This decline is particularly noticeable for those who are younger than 50. The mid-twenties tell CBS they would like to get married one day. According to CBS, mainly in cases when there is a need of confirming the desire or presence of have children.

The number of couples who are eligible for a promise band has grown as a consequence.

The distinctions between an engagement ring and a promise ring

Both rings are symbolic of love and commitment. However there are a few differences that are major and minor. A promise ring is presented to signify a commitment, while an engagement ring is designed to help the couple get married. This promise can have various meanings based on what promise is made by the giver.

Other typical features of a promise ring include that they;

Rings are usually smaller and subtler.

The ring finger is not the most common finger to wear them

Silver, 9k or 14k gold is used instead of 18k or platinum.

Set with smaller gems

Focus on the overall design instead of the stone that is in the middle of the ring

The Most Popular Promise Ring

There are various ring shapes that are suitable for these rings too. You can choose a contemporary ring with multiple bands stacked, a vintage one with colored stones, or a ring which is engraved with a word. There aren't any set rules to follow when it comes to choosing a promise bracelet. Every person is different and the cost or the choice of ring will also vary.

The most well-known design is the eternity ring sometimes referred to as a memoire, or an infinity ring. It is a ring made of stones of the same size next to each other in a similar setting. This creates a harmonious design and makes it appear as if there is an uninterrupted line that never stops. There are a variety of options when it comes to putting together an eternal ring. You can decide to put stones all the way around or halfway around. You can also pick the gemstones you want and their color.

Promise ring for men too?

A promise can be made to anyone, so the promise ring can also be handed out to men. Of obviously, these rings are different from the rings that women are given. They are usually more durable as compared to a signet ring or Rolex ring. These rings have more space for engravings. Examples of engravings include a pet name promise, symbol, fingerprints or even an image.


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